why we do

WHY we do… what we do

Many of you would be aware that we not only LOVE working at The BFC but we’re building a new genre of healthcare, in fact we’re paving a road that is easier for more like minded practitioners to walk upon, busting a hole in the wall so that others can make their way through. In essence we’re pulling apart the model and putting it back together.


It all begins with Dr Sharnie McCooke’s vision that was typed out on a brown paper bag like an incantation hanging in the burgeoning clinic. As though an idea was pulled from the collective conscious and born from the essential need to have patients more involved in their health and for their practitioners to communicate and bridge the gap that currently exists, Dr Sharnie seized the concept and went forth to build not just a clinic but her dream.

There’s been a call for interdisciplinary health and it’s not an outrageous concept, in fact practitioners and patients alike have been eager for such a place to exist. It’s been discussed and anatomised but yet it remains a rarity, patients are still juggling professional opinions and trying to make themselves fit into a mould, they seem to dwell outside their own care peering in at the disjointed manipulations of their treatment. There’s no clear pathway for them to follow which leads to misunderstanding and a dissemblance of their wellbeing. We have to wonder why.

The reason interdisciplinary clinics are so scarce and why we here have been able to create such a space is based on the fact that each practitioner has their own purpose in which The BFC gives a platform to remain devoted to our pursuits, and it just so happens that by openly sharing, we essentially possess the same basic principals of holistic care. With this devotion, we are developing and moving forward with creative expression, we’re eradicating the mould that healthcare fits into which means our patients also don’t have to fit into any moulds, and this is where the clinic transcends into a space that is unique and wholehearted.

It takes passion, spiritual stamina, vision and most importantly love to keep motivated in such a pursuit, and these are the traits that Sharnie brings forth and demonstrates each and every day. The challenge in pursuing a dream is about doing what always feels right with your intuition and your gut, it’s not always about the bottom line and so remaining committed to only doing those things that are true to ourselves and only that which contributes to our work we’re able to inaugurate fulfilment in our commitments.

What we’ve learnt by working at The BFC and by keeping interested in the creative pursuits of others is that if you are doing something unique and wonderful, people will find out and it has been proven that by holding your heart above your minds actions, like minded people will draw to you, and as such our family here have drawn to one another and sewn our hearts together to make a macrame for you to hang with us and be supported. Only good things may now come…