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Dr Sharnie McCooke- Registered Osteopath, Lactation Consultant


Sharnie is the director of The BFC, an osteopath that has a passion for paediatrics and is a lactation consultant. She graduated with a double degree and Masters in Osteopathic Medicine in 2008 and has subcontracted her services to multiple osteopathic practices in country NSW, Victoria and Canberra before settling into practice in Brisbane in 2012. 

In 2012 she completed her postgraduate paediatric clinical studies and in 2013 she successfully became an internationally qualified and recognised lactation consultant (IBCLC).

In January 2015 she successfully created and opened The Brisbane Children’s Clinic providing care to children in private practice, in hospital and at home. However, after realising that her patient’s family also needed care, she rebranded the clinic to The Brisbane Family Clinic (The BFC). Over the next few years Sharnie will be bringing together a delightful, enthusiastic, talented and caring team of interdisciplinary practitioners to improve the health of you and your family.

She provides a professional yet playful approach valuing the parenting role and actively involves parents in their child’s therapeutic provision wherever possible. Where indicated, she works with specialists and allied health practitioners throughout Brisbane to provide a holistic approach to meeting your family’s needs.

Sharnie has written and delivers each academic year the paediatric unit to 5th year postgraduate students at Southern Cross University, and she continues to provide private clinical tuition to postgraduate students here at The BFC. 

Sharnie became the inaugural National Chair to the Paediatric Clinical Practice Group for Osteopathy Australia directing the research and education of paediatric osteopathy, further enhancing her osteopathic paediatric status on a national and global scale. Together with Natalie, she instigated the inaugural Women’s Health Clinical Practice Group for Osteopathy Australia. Both roles she has since retired from so she can dedicate to the growth of The BFC for you and your family.

Dr Natalie Moore – Registered Osteopath


Natalie completed her studies in Osteopathic Medicine from Southern Cross University, graduating with a double degree and Masters. Natalie joined The BFC in early 2016 and prior to that she spent 11 years deepening her knowledge and rapport with the human body as a therapist in the Byron Shire, incorporating her osteopathic knowledge to provide a more holistic and patient based treatment. 

During this time Natalie has done further study into the effects that breathing and posture have on her patients, ranging from back and neck pain to chronic issues such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She has also explored the psychosomatic dimension of dysfunctional breathing in relation to stress and anxiety, bringing the important aspects of mind and emotion into treatment.

Natalie is also passionate about the role of Osteopathy in paediatrics and women’s health, from treating women-related ailments to supporting health during pre and postnatal periods. Her treatments are a combined approach of structural osteopathic techniques and osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF) utilising a gentler approach that results in significant changes. 

Natalie is happy to treat and support the entire family’s health and embodies her philosophy of living a balanced and aware lifestyle that is reflected in her osteopathic approach. Together with Sharnie, she instigated the inaugural Women’s Health Clinical Practice Group for Osteopathy Australia, directing the research and education of women’s health in osteopathy, further enhancing her osteopathic status on a national scale.

Dr Lauren Bowman – Registered Osteopath


Lauren BowmanLauren’s philosophy is to treat each patient as a unique individual. She focuses on educating and tailoring rehabilitation and management programs enabling patients to take control of their health journey.Lauren was born and raised in Canberra, relocated to Melbourne to undertake her five years of osteopathic studies at RMIT, and has practised here in sunny Brisbane ever since.

With a personal sporting background, she has a keen interest in sports injury treatment, posture, flexibility, strength, rehabilitation and exercise prescription for optimal and enhanced performance. Having supported both amateur and elite athletes, Lauren loves to combine her knowledge of sports with her skills as an osteopath.

Lauren is also passionate about the role of an osteopath in promoting women’s health, from acute or chronic conditions to birthing and beyond. Lauren also enjoys treating with a direct and structural approach to all musculoskeletal grumbles such as, but not limited to, persistent pain, pelvic pain, and back pain.

Lauren believes in supporting all individuals to find balance and freedom to move. 

Brittany Cogger – Registered Exercise Physiologist

B.Cl.Ex.Phys AEP AES ESSAM, Clinical Pilates Instructor

Originally from Melbourne, Brittany’s love of health and exercise began in 2007 when commenced studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, going on to graduate with a Masters of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation from Victoria University. Since then, Brittany has had a passion for helping individuals achieve lifelong changes through exercise and movement. Brittany is also particularly interested in Women’s Health, including pregnancy and postnatal, as well as the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. 

Brittany is also a qualified Clinical Pilates instructor and brings this knowledge of movement to all her patients. 

Previous experience includes a number of years in a multi-disciplinary sports medicine clinic in Melbourne providing exercise prescription and rehabilitation to a wide variety of patients, as well as instructing group Clinical and Reformer Pilates classes


Sally Broadhurst – Naturopath

B.HS.Nat., Level 1 Yoga Instructor

sally-broadhurst.jpgSally’s journey back to health started in 2006 when she began studying for her Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy. Since then, her love for all things whole food and herbal has blossomed into a lifelong commitment to natural health and healing.

Sally believes that health is the greatest measure of how you are living your life, both internally and externally. Her philosophy centres on the idea that dis-ease, in whatever form, is your body’s way of speaking to you when something isn’t right; and that part of our journey is learning to listen to what it has to say. Her caring approach embraces that perfection isn’t the goal when it comes to establishing great health. As a natural healthcare practitioner, Sally believes that it’s all about finding the right balance for your life and about making choices to live a life of great health and happiness.

Through her private practice, Sally uses an interactive and individualised approach, allowing patients to be actively involved in their treatment process.  Sally uses an integrative combination of nutritional medicine, food coaching, herbal medicine, mind-body medicine techniques and diagnostic tools and testing to help her clients work towards achieving great health and wellness. Sally has a special interest in working with women’s hormonal health, digestive health, adrenal and nervous system conditions and food-based therapy including food as medicine and nutrition.

Jordon Kelly – Receptionist Extraordinaire

After Graduating high school in 2013 Jordon has pursued many interests, from working in retail, hospitality and administration.

Jordon is very creative and enjoys photography, cooking and helping people, along with volunteering at a majority of different fundraisers and events. She has also completed a dual diploma in tourism and events management.

Jordon is a student of Endeavour College studying to be a Nutritionist/Naturopath where she plans on continuing to delight us with her magnificent care here at The BFC!